Big changes on the way: We’ve recently started partnering with select freight brokers that are specialized in moving equipment and open-deck freight. Our goal is to help shippers get bids on their freight quickly and book transport with confidence. We are constantly looking to improve and add more value for shippers. So we started thinking about how we could work with broker partners. We put our new broker partners through the ringer: they all had to complete a screening process with FR8Star and had to prove themselves before being allowed to take part in our pilot program.

After a few months of experimenting and measuring the results, we can say the new broker program is a success – especially for our shippers. Since the start, the average number of bids placed on a load posting doubled from 2.1 bids per open post to 4.1 and the average time until shippers receive their first bid reduced to minutes. More bids means better rates for shippers. And faster bids means shippers getting their load moved faster.

But lower rates and faster bids is not everything. Quality of service also matters. So we asked shippers that booked with a broker through FR8Star for feedback on their experience with the broker. Out of a 5-star rating the average feedback brokers received from shippers was 4.5.

“(Broker) kept me informed throughout the shipment – communication was good. I’d recommend to use this broker again without hesitation. You could tell this broker had done this 1000 times.” (shipper, load from MA-NC)

As a result of the positive experiences shippers have had, we are moving forward with the FR8Star Broker Partner program. The brokers enable us to get more bids for shippers and allows them to book transport with confidence. We are also working on some exciting technology upgrades that make the process more seamless for our shippers. For example, you will have access to the broker reviews before you book. Stay tuned!

Post Author: FR8Star