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Traffic woes are frustrating for everyone, especially truck bottleneck traffic. Find out which locations rank as the worst bottleneck traffic for 2018.

What is Bottleneck Traffic?

You’re cruising down the interstate, the sun rays glistening off the chrome on your truck and everything on your route is going according to plan. Perched higher than other vehicles on the road, you see it up ahead and sigh. Brake lights as far as the eye can see. Traffic has come to a stop and so have you. Some people would automatically call this a traffic jam, however, it could be a bottleneck traffic instead. Truck bottleneck traffic differs from typical traffic jams because it’s caused by a specific design or condition of a given road. A bottleneck could also be caused due to a reduction in lanes, a recent accident or poorly managed traffic lights.

The King of  Bottleneck Traffic – Spaghetti?

Atlanta’s “Spaghetti Junction” of Interstates 285 and 85 takes the crown as the worst truck bottleneck traffic location for the third year in a row. But the Spaghetti Junction isn’t the only area in Atlanta to rank on the list. Atlanta’s I-75 at I-285 ranks 4th worst and I-20 at I-285 ranks 17th. In fact, Atlanta is the only city to have three locations rank among the 20 worst (Los Angeles has two). Atlanta has seven locations ranking in the top 100 worst bottleneck traffic areas. Despite having seven locations in the top 100, the state of Georgia does not have the most locations by state ranking in the top 100. That distinction belongs to Texas with 11 locations. Houston appears on the list six times, with three locations in the top 25. Meanwhile, Tennessee ranked second amongst states with the most truck bottleneck traffic locations with nine. This includes three in the top 25 as well. “‘When your trucks are moving, America is growing,’ is what President Trump told the trucking industry last October,” said Dennis Nash, Kenan Advantage Group CEO. “Unfortunately, as ATRI’s report shows, increasingly our trucks are not moving because of congestion, choke points and bottlenecks on an aging highway system.
FR8Star: Worst Bottleneck Traffic 2018/Source ATRI
Worst Bottleneck Traffic 2018/Source ATRI

Financial Impact of Truck Bottleneck Traffic

The movement of truck freight is essential to production, especially for companies that need equipment and materials delivered. Between hours of service limits, ELD enforcement and the rising cost of fuel, delays caused by traffic can have a severe impact on a trucking company’s bottom line. According to the ATRI, congestion like bottleneck traffic costs trucking $63.4 billion, with an astounding 996 million hours of productivity lost. That’s 362,000 truck drivers sitting idle for a year! “Addressing congestion and delays at these key interchanges and highways can make our supply chain more efficient, improve the environment by reducing fuel burn and save Americans countless hours of delay and added costs, Nash said.” Full ARTI Report

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