Flatbed load securement and other cargo securement are required by the DOT with specific standards. - FR8Star

Transport construction equipment with thousands of transportation companies. Instantly calculate your rate and shipping on equipment.

How FR8Star Works

Shipping Details

Tell us about your freight — Provide details about what you need shipped, where it is and where it’s going.

Arrange Transport

Select a bid and book instantly with a qualified transport company.

Carrier Match

Book instantly and we’ll match you with a qualified carrier. Or get bids and decide for yourself.

Peace of Mind

We’ve partnered with experienced and insured transporters so you know your freight is in good hands.

Connect instantly with heavy equipment transport companies

We have thousands of heavy haul trucking companies and other carriers that understand the special considerations necessary for transporting construction equipment.


How much does it cost to ship heavy equipment?

We guarantee fair market freight rates using our construction equipment shipping cost calculator, which takes into account equipment size and weight, pickup and drop-off locations, delivery dates, and other factors. Transparent, all-inclusive pricing with itemized estimates including permits.
  • Get free, instant freight rates before you book or request bids
  • Itemization of permits and all third-party costs
  • Construction equipment hauling specialists competing for your business



Get Fast Shipping Estimates

Free estimates in less than 30 seconds. Book equipment and flatbed transport seamlessly with reliable, specialized brokers.

Request estimates from freight brokers in less than 30 seconds.

Review rates, broker ratings and select the one you want to go with.

Thousands of Shippers are posting loads to FR8Star every day. We focus on building relationships with quality, specialized brokers, to get you the best price and service.

  • Free to get an estimate and free to book
  • It’s fast to get quotes — you don’t need to waste time on the phone and waiting to hear back
  • We protect your data and contact information, it’s only shared when you select a broker to partner with
  • Our broker partners are invitation-only and experts in equipment and flatbed transport

Access to select freight brokers that specialize in flatbed, machinery, heavy haul and oversize trucking  nationwide on our heavy haul marketplace, all authorized and qualified to transport your heavy equipment.

Heavy haul brokers with experienced logistics teams and carrier networks focused on hauling your freight

Specialized truck trailers specific to your truck freight

Machinery | Cranes | Equipment | Materials | Oversize | Wide Loads

Our time-saving tools and automation take the hassle out of finding great shipping quotes to haul your equipment, machinery and other heavy haul freight, including oversize freight requiring permits .

  • Free instant quotes from qualified freight brokers
  • Quoting and booking all in one place
  • Reviews to help you make decisions

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