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1 Transport Growing Alongside FR8Star

Freight shipping specialist 1 Transport has been using FR8Star for about a year, but the company has witnessed a major evolution in the platform over that time. FR8Star is continuously updated and upgraded to ensure brokers and carriers receive a steady stream of leads, removing as many barriers from the process as possible to ensure a smoother, more streamlined experience.

What 1 Transport has realized in the past few months is that the more effort it puts into using FR8Star, the more the platform gives back. “It’s been kind of a domino effect,” Kirk Beyer, COO of 1 Transport. “As soon as we started putting more attention, effort, and focus into it, it seems that FR8Star has started to have a lot more growth and more loads to go after.”

A Reliable, Easy-To-Use Platform
Of the several updates made to FR8Star over the past few months, an important one was overhauling the user interface to make it easier to use, which is what makes it possible to receive quotes in as little as 30 seconds. But another aspect of the platform that 1 Transport appreciates is its openness. “The transparency and visibility of the platform and the way FR8Star allows everyone to communicate more openly than other bidding platforms is really beneficial to customers as well as brokers and carriers,” Kirk says.

A Team Effort
Some of the most common loads 1 Transport handles are tractors, skid steers, compact excavators, and other similar equipment as well as the attachments that go along with them. The company operates as both a broker and a carrier, which means that it goes after almost every load posted on FR8Star. “There is really only about 10% or 15% of loads that we don’t intentionally try to go after,” says Kirk. “At this point, FR8Star has become a rather sizable portion of our business. We have about five people dedicated to working with FR8Star at this point.”

The key to this successful relationship, according to Kirk, is the level of cooperation and interactivity between the FR8Star team and 1 Transport. “They’ve really lent us a hand and gone out of their way to help us and direct business to us,” he says. “If we see that a load is aligning with a driver’s location, we can reach out and provide a quote. They call the customer and get it booked and we dispatch right away.”

Angel Herrera, operations manager at 1 Transport, adds that FR8Star acts like a true partner, whereas “some other companies out there are not as cooperative” and it’s “not as much of a partnership.” While other platforms may simply see carriers and brokers as commodities, FR8Star “puts the effort into building partnerships,” he says “That support is what’s making FR8Star so successful, and we want to be a part of that, growing both companies.”

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